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Car Tracking


Time to worry about the safety and the where abouts of your car are up. Time to relax and have everything under control is here. We bring real time vehicle tracking system which helps you to monitor your any time anywhere 24/7.


Why choose our Tracking device?


  • Location

    Know exactly where your vehicle is.

  • Mileage Details

    Know how many miles your vehicle has cover in a day. In a week, a month or a year by the click of a button

  • Over Speed Details

    Monitor how times the vehicle went beyond restricted limits.

  • Stop Details

    How many times did it stop? where did it stop? Get all these details on your screen. 

  • Moving Overview

    Monitor all the movements of the vehicles.

  • Geo Fence

    Demarcate the no go zones for your vehicle by setting up a Geo Fence for it.

  • Alarm Details

    Ho many times did the alarm go? You get to know this on your screen.

  • Voice Monitoring

    Call your vehicle and listen to all that the driver is saying and planning

  • Cut off Fuel

    You are tired of lies? Cut off fuel and the vehicle will not switch on except on the computer or your mobile.